Magnus japh Woldrich

linux, perl and chili pepper enthusiast 🔌


I work as support technician for the company Hemfixare during the daytime and in the distribution business during the night shift.

I’ve been a CPAN author at metacpan for close to ten years and I indulge daily in the open source communities.


2019- NWT Direkt, Karlstad Newspaper carrier.

Distribution of newspapers and parcels during the night shift.

2019- Hemfixare, Karlstad Support technician.

I help clients in their home or on a company with their technical issues; may it be computers, networks, recovery of lost data or a broken down television.

2018- Meritcrowd, Karlstad Creative writer / translator.

I write various pieces of texts for clients as a freelancer.

2015-2016 Tidningstjänst AB, Karlstad Newspaper carrier.

After moving to another city, I distributed papers for two years prior to taking some courses.

2002-2014 NWT Distribution, Norrköping Newspaper carrier.

I worked seven days a week, and even though I was employed as a newspaper carrier I had several roles in the company during the years, including distribution on the countryside by car, various jobs in the printing house and taking care of customers complaints and making sure they’re happy.

1998-2002 Svensk Direktreklam Distribution of promotion materials.


2017-2018 Hermods, Karlstad Various computer science courses.

Programming, Linux and server administration.

2008-2012 Home Studying technical documentation.

After falling in love with Linux and the open source communities, I studied all the manpages in GNU coreutils (among many others). Read all documentation in the perl5 core distribution.

1998-2002 Navestadsskolan, Norrköping Elementary school.

Technical skills

Areas of expertise



2008- My personal github account hosts my hobby development projects as well as listing contributions to open source projects. Examples include: coloring libraries Term::ExtendedColor and File::LsColor, as well as the most feature-full mpd client that I know of (pimpd2).


2011- I’ve been an author on The Comprehensive Perl Archive Network for almost a decade, and my metacpan page lists perl modules and distributions that I’ve written for others to make use of when building their own programs, libraries and tools.

Being a CPAN author has taught me how to design a good interface for other developers to make use of, the importance of backwards compatibility and the need for a proper testsuite, among many other things.


2011- I write down my thoughts on my technical blog at where I cover topics such as perl, linux, command line tools and interesting discoveries I make.

open source work

2008- I’ve been present and engaging in a lot of open source communities for the past 11 years. I indulge in IRC conversations in many different channels on various topics, and many of my projects have been born out of discussions there.


Available on request.